'Mediation is a process for resolving disputes, where an intermediary helps conflicting parties have a conversation, to jointly resolve their concerns'. (Beer and Packard 2012: The Mediator's Handbook) Whether it is a dispute with a neighbour, or between members of a family, between organizations or community groups, mediation is a powerful and effective approach to working through conflict in a way everyone feels respected. In my work as a mediator I am bound by the MII Code of Ethics and Practice for Mediators. I welcome exploratory contact to check if Mediation may be appropriate in your situation.


I have experience working in child protection and in foster care agencies and I undertake fostering and adoption assessments. My practice is governed by the Social Workers Registration Board Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics (CORU) where reflective practice, supervision, and continued professional development is encouraged, as well as the IASW Code of Ethics.

Decision Making Support:

The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015 is due to come into effect in 2023. It establishes a modern statutory framework to support decision making by adults who have difficulty in making decisions without help. (Department of Justice 2022) I am a member of a panel, available to act as a 'Decision Making Representative' if requested to do so by the Courts or the Decision Support Service. I have experience working in the area of intellectual disability and the challenges in supporting people to live more independently.

Restorative Practice:

The growing influence of restorative practice (RP) across health and education settings has the potential to build relationships, strengthen communities and prevent conflict. My background in a Family Group Conferences service provided me with direct experience of how the approach works with families, individuals and in schools and other service providers. I am available to undertake restorative practice work with organisations' or community groups.


The cost for work will vary depending on what is involved and where it takes place. Exploratory conversations do not cost anything and are welcome. These can take place by telephone, video conference or in person.

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